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Whisper Ride Flat Panel TV Lift

Conceal your 37'' to 48'' TV when it's not in use, but wow the crowd with its grand entrance!
Whisper Ride Flat Panel TV Lift The Whisper Ride Flat Panel TV lift has an electronic rack and pinion system that keeps flat panel TVs from 37'' to 48'' hidden inside a cabinet or other enclosure until quietly summoned by remote control.

Features a smooth, quick and quiet operation capable of TV loads up to 145 lbs. (more than enough for today's light LED or LCD TVs).

Reversible mounting lets you raise or lower your TV from behind a picture, desk, ceiling, or other decorative facade; inverted operation is limited to 60 lbs.
Whisper Ride Flat Panel TV Lift

Technical Details:

▸ Rack and pinion design
▸ Unique stability system
▸ German-made Bosch® motor
▸ For reliable, quiet operation
▸ Reverse safety function
▸ 2-13/16'' depth behind the TV
▸ Build in height of only 34''
▸ Weight capacity 145 lbs
▸ Simple and fast mounting
▸ IR remote available
▸ UL listed power supply
▸ Accommodates TVs 37'' to 48''
▸ Vertically travels 29½"
▸ May be mounted for up or down operation
Whisper Ride Flat Panel TV LiftIncludes everything you need for fast, easy mounting in less than 30 minutes.

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How to Install: PDF Instructions

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Whisper 1000 Flat Panel TV Lift

What's in the Box?

▸ Remote control (RF)
▸ Manual push switch
▸ Adjustable lid lifter
▸ Plug and play assembly
▸ Universal TV bracket
Whisper 1000
Whisper 700
Mounting Instruction for Whisper 700 and 1000 How to Install: PDF Instructions

▸ Important safety instructions
▸ Specs and main measures
▸ Parts list
▸ Installation
▸ Adjusting stroke length
▸ Declaration of conformity



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