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❈ Drafting Kits & Triangles:

Alvin Drafting Kit

Alvin Drafting Kit

All the most commonly used tools for architectural drafting in one carrying case.

This Kit includes the following:
Architectural scale, 6" Bow Compass, Lettering Guide Pad, Divider, 2 Triangles, Protractor, French Curve, Vinyl Eraser, Lead Holder, Lead Pointer, Erasing Shield and Leads.
C-Thru Adjustable TrianglesC-Thru Student Kits

C-Thru Student Kits

These kits are molded of clear plastic with legible black markings for exact measuring.

C-Thru Adjustable Triangles

These transparent adjustable triangles from Westcott permit tracing of angles from 0° to 90°.

❈ Drafting Table & Stool Combination Sets:

Martin Universal Design Creation Station Studio Set
Creation Station Studio

set includes a black swing-arm lamp

Studio Designs Creative Table and Stool Set
Creative Table & Stool

beautiful walnut finished wood veneer

Alvin 4-Piece Creative Center
Alvin Creative Center

tubular steel with a Melamine top

❈ Drafting Compass:

Alvin Introductory Bow Compass

Alvin Introductory Bow Compass

This easy-to-use, durable introductory bow compass draws circles from 1/8" to 9-1/2". The 6" pencil compass/divider has a fast center wheel adjustment.

Alvin's attractive high-tech styling features matte silver upper legs and black fiberglass lower legs.
Alvin Basic Bow Compass

Alvin Basic Bow Compass

Alvin's Basic Bow Compass is a high quality compass for student or professional use. It is made of rolled brass and has a durable nickel-satin finish. It comes with extra lead, and has a needle for use as a divider.

▸ Makes circles up to 10" in diameter
▸ Also available with a Ruling Pen

❈ Artist's Portable Bench Easels

The Best Caballo Art Horse is a classic portable bench easel is made of oak and handcrafted in the USA. It folds easily for travel or storage. Its attached wheels and poly straps make it easy to move anywhere.
Best Caballo Art Horse
When you're ready to paint, just unfold the Caballo, and you've got an instant studio space complete with a place to sit, a supply drawer, a storage compartment, and a sturdy easel for sketching or painting.
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❈ Technical Pens:

Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Pens

Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Pens

Technical pens were the mainstay of the designer and illustrator's craft before the development of computer graphics. Now, many artists and design professionals are rediscovering the technical pen because its handiwork, in expert hands, stands out almost magically against the bland precision of computer rendered graphics.

Dependability and high performance make Rapidograph technical pens the first choice among artists, designers, drafters, architects, and hobbyists. Rapidograph pens provide uninterrupted, productive drawing time.

Perspective Made Simple DVD

Perspective Made Simple DVD

From the time of the Renaissance, artists have used principles of perspective to achieve depth and realism in their drawing. In this DVD, Larry Withers demonstrates when and how to use perspective effectively. - 90 minute DVD

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