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shop girl Futons are a popular and comfortable choice as a versatile seating arrangement for any home. If you like to entertain guests, then a futon is a great place where your friends can sit and turn into a bed when they decide to stay the night. Choosing the right futon is also about selecting the right futon mattress. Make sure that you choose a futon mattress whose texture matches the other fabrics in your décor. A comfortable futon works well in every home, from a small apartment to a multi-purpose guest room.


Futons Remember the days when sleeping on a futon was just part of college life? Futons have come a long way since then and deserve the respect given to other stationary furniture. Also known as convertible sofas, futons pull double duty while still looking stylish enough to be considered adult furniture. These sofa beds are an affordable way to furnish living rooms and provide sleeping accommodations for guests. ▸ View all ...

Futon Covers

Futon Covers If you recently purchased a futon, then you may want to consider finding a futon cover to keep your futon mattress in good working condition. Futon covers can help prevent spills and stains, which can help to preserve your futon mattress. Futon mattress covers come in various colors, textures and sizes. You can purchase a futon cover for a new futon mattress or find one to replace and old futon cover. ▸ View all ...

Futon Mattress

Futon Mattresses Flexible, breathable and soft, futon mattresses are the latest trend in mattress comfort and durability. Wayfair carries the most premium lines of futon innerspring mattresses, memory foam futon mattresses, and the more traditional cotton futon mattresses. Whether you're looking to upgrade to a new futon mattress, or you're a new futon customer, we think you'll find something you like. ▸ View all ...

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