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Basswood Lumber by the Lineal Inch

Basswood Lumber by the Lineal InchAll of Rockler's lumber is premium grade stock. (FAS Grade First and Seconds). It is surfaced smooth on both faces (S2S) so planing is not required, and is guaranteed to be clear and free of defects on at least one side.

The lumber sold on this page is offered by the lineal inch to minimize waste and machining. ▸ Click to Order

Technical Details:

▸ Kiln dried to 7% to 8% moisture content
▸ Planed to a 1-1/6'' thickness
▸ Weight (lbs): 1.0000
▸ Length: Custom
▸ Thickness: 1-1/16"
▸ Width: 5", 2-1/4"
▸ Max Length (inches): 60
▸ Min Length (inches): 18
Basswood Recipe Box
Basswood Recipe Box

5.83" x 3.98" x 3.94"



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