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❈ Picture Frames

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Poster Frames
Wall Frames

❈ Cutting Mats

These mats offer professional quality for a wide variety of graphic arts, hobby, craft, quilting, and industrial applications. The Alvin Reversible Self-Healing Cutting Mat Kit contains a reversible, self-healing cutting mat, an art knife, and spare blades.

Dahle Self-Healing Cutting Mats
Dahle Self-Healing
Cutting Mats

Alvin Reversible Self-Healing Cutting Mat Kit
Alvin Self-Healing
Cutting Mats

X-Acto Self-Healing Mats
Self-Healing Mats

❈ Point Drivers

The Fletcher FlexiMaster Framing Tool offers a tight hold produced by driven points that bend upward, then flat down to surface. Magazine is easy to load. Tension is adjustable to density of wood. Can remove and replace materials from frame without replacing points.

Fletcher PushMate
Fletcher PushMate
Framing Tool

Logan Framing Fitting Tool
Logan Framing
Fitting Tool

Fletcher MultiMaster Framer's Point Driver
Fletcher MultiMaster
Framer's Point Driver

Blick Ready Mat Singles

Ready Mat Singles

These pre-cut mats are made with high quality matboard with a permanent bright white bevel. Surface papers are fade and bleed resistant.

The bright white core bevel, surface, and backing papers, which are buffered and pH neutral, offer excellent protection for your artwork. Pre-cut to fit standard frame sizes. 4-ply.
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