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Build Your Own Humidor

Here is an unfinished box ready for your decorative touch. We think it would make a fine humidor box. Also available is a few hardware choices that work well with humidors.

Handcrafted Unfinished Box

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Handcrafted Unfinished BoxThis box is handcrafted and available in your choice of ⅜" thick Poplar, Oak, Maple, or Cherry hardwood. Each box has a recessed ¼" plywood top and bottom made from each of the same species.

The corners are mitered and the top edges are rounded over. An interlocking hinged top with 90° brass stop hinges supports the lid.

The outside dimensions of this box are approximately 10" x 6" x 3 ¾", with a total inside area of 9 ¼" x 5 ¼" x 3". To complete this project, each box comes with a 1 ¼" tall removable tray.

Box Image 2
Box Image 2

Box Image 3
Box Image 3

Box Woods

Humidor Hardware:

side rail hinges

Thick solid brass, polished and coated with lacquer.

Side Rail Hinges w/ Stays
Side Rail Hinges w/o Stays

Solid Brass Quadrant HingesQuadrant Hinges

Top quality solid brass box hinge from Brusso. Combines hinging action and lid support. Excellent for humidor and small-box applications.

Antique Quadrant Hinges
Quadrant Hinges

Full Mortise Antique Box Lock
Full Mortise
Antique Box Lock

Small Box Lock
Small Box Lock

Small Piano Hinge Brass Plated
Small Piano Hinge
Brass Plated

Brushed Brass Box Catches
Brushed Brass
Box Catch

Filigree Box Corners Brass 4-piece
Box Corners
Brass 4-piece

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