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DIY: Military Hat Cover Box Kit

hat If you are in the U.S. Coast Guard or any other military branch, and need to make or assemble your own hat box, this is the perfect solution for you. Once assembled, you apply the finishing touches.

Each kit contains all the components and hardware needed to assemble one of these DIY Hat Boxes. Simple instructions are included ... no tools needed! » Get the Kit

Fully Assembled View 1
View Fully Assembled

Layout of Parts View 2
Layout of Parts

A light-colored hardwood is used, so you can apply any finish or any stain color of your choice (finish/stain not included). As you can see from the photos, there is a larger viewing pane on the top (slide-in lid) as well as a smaller one in the front. The inside bottom (or floor) of this case comes standard with black felt.

Left Side in Place View 3
Left Side in Place

Right Side in Place View 4
Right Side in Place

Once assembled, the overall dimensions of this box are roughly:
» Inside: 15" W x 15" D x 6½" H
» Outside: 16¾" W x 16¾" D x 7½" H

Glass Lid Inserted View 5
Glass Lid Inserted

Assembly Complete View 6
Assembly Complete

Box Making: 9" x 12" Adhesive Felt Sheets

Self-adhesive felt perfect for a variety of craft projects. Each of these packages contain six sheets of 12" x 9" adhesive craft felt.

Kelly Green Felt
Kelly Green - 9" 12"
(pack of 6)

Royal Blue Felt
Royal Blue - 9" 12"
(pack of 6)

Red Felt
Red - 9" 12"
(pack of 6)

Black Felt
Black - 9" 12"
(pack of 6)

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