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Medieval Siege Tower with Catapult Wooden Kit

Siege Towers like this were used in medieval times to breach the walls of castles during attacks. This working model includes a torsion-powered catapult on the top, movable ladders, and a drawbridge that raises and lowers. Historically accurate, this kit creates a durable wood model that can be used for hours of imaginative play.

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▸ Incredibly sturdy tower stands over 14" tall
▸ Each piece is pre-cut and pre-drilled
▸ An easy to raise and lower drawbridge
▸ Fully working catapult in the top
▸ Removable ladders to protect upper levels
▸ All natural and untreated wood
▸ No paint or coatings on any piece
▸ Easy to follow instructions

Leonardo DaVinci Ornithopter Wood Kit

▸ Stands 17" L x 23" W x 12" H
▸ All pieces precisely cut and drilled
▸ Fits with pegs & slot construction
▸ Takes about 1 to 2 hours
▸ Some building experience needed
▸ For ages 9+
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Leonardo da Vinci
Catapult Kit
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Medieval Trebuchet
Wooden Kit
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Leonardo DaVinci
Aerial Screw Wood Kit
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Hydraulic Mini Excavator
Wooden Kit
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Leonardo Da Vinci
Trebuchet Engine
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Hydraulic Mini Platform
Lifter Wooden Kit
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