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Made in the USAGerstner® Repair Kits ~ Storage Chests
Gerstner H-12 Hickory Repair Kit
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Each Gerstner® #12 Repair Kit features polished brass hardware and felt lined drawers. They are the ideal size for so many hobbies and projects - such as a shoeshine kit, arts & crafts storage, or a gun cleaning supply box.

Rustic Hickory is a popular choice if you want character in the wood. Strength, hardness and durability are key features of Hickory. The grain is normally straight, but can sometimes be irregular or wavy.

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The rustic hickory variety used can contain dark heartwood and light sapwood, sound knots and mineral streaks for a contrasting look. The small tight knots (sound knots) and mineral streaks are imperfections in the wood that give it that rustic look. The wood has a great deal of color variation between reddish brown, lighter brown and white. The larger the piece used the greater the chance of color variation. Your new Hickory chest has a lacquer finish and no stain to color the wood, but it will darken over time. Hickory is rustic enough to be great for a cabin or lodge and beautiful enough to blend into the most elite homes.
» Overall Size 19" Wide x 9¼" Tall x 9¼" Deep
» Top Well Dimensions Back Section 18" x 8" x 3"
» Front Section 18" x 4¼" x 4"
» Drawer Dimensions #01 (1) - 17½" x 2½" x 4⅛"
» Drawer Dimensions #02 Tray Sections (2) - 11¼" x 1¾" x 1¼"
Gerstner Repair Kit
The top opens to reveal two uniquely designed areas with a vast array of storage capabilities. The front compartment has a sliding lift-out tray to hold your smaller parts with additional storage below the tray for pieces up to a 1½" feet long. Behind the partition is an 8" deep compartment designed to hold the large 12 oz. spray cans and other items that must be kept upright for storage. In addition to the capacity inside the chest, there is a full width drawer to complete your storage needs. The top handle makes this chest comfortable to carry with you on any of your travels. While the chest lock gives you peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe and secure.
Gerstner® C-12 American Cherry Repair Kit

Gerstner C-12 American Cherry Repair Kit

American Cherry has a light to medium fruitwood stain. This chest features a very unique color and does not match what people usually perceive to be a "cherry" furniture color. Cherry is plain sawn, which is very stable and produces a wonderful flowing, curvy grain pattern.

Cherry has small imperfections known as "pitting" that occurs naturally. At Gerstner, these imperfections are kept to a minimum, but they sometimes can appear as very small knots, or a series of darker swirls and spots. American Cherry stain is light enough to highlight and accentuate the unique grain pattern. Smaller pieces of cherry will not show the flowing pattern as well as larger pieces. Your new cherry chest will darken over time.

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Gerstner GO-12 Golden Oak Repair Kit

Golden Oak products have a medium to dark golden stain color. This color is similar to the natural aging process that occurs in chests that we see over 40 years old. This golden color gives them an antique look that brings out the richness of the grain patterns.

Gerstner® uses quarter sawn white oak, which is renowned for its stability and unique "tiger striping" grain. The oak used in our chests are from 80 – 100 year old trees, the quality of lumber that we require for each and every Gerstner® Chest literally requires generations in the making. Your new oak chest will darken over time.

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Gerstner® GO-12 Golden Oak Repair Kit
Gerstner W-12 Natural Walnut Repair Kit

Gerstner W-12 Natural Walnut Repair Kit

Natural Walnut products have no stain. We use a lacquer finish. Most walnut furniture found today has been stained to give the wood a uniform look, and therefore appears much darker than our walnut.

The lack of stain on these walnut products allow the rich variations in the natural wood grain to show. Each piece of walnut can vary greatly; from a very blond color, which is found closer to the heart or center of the tree, to a very dark or almost blackish tone. The larger the piece used the greater the chance of color variation. Your new walnut chest will lighten over time.

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Sturdy chrome hardware gives the chest added strength and durability while the non-marring rubber bumper feet allow you to set the chest down without fear of leaving scratches or dents. Comes with two keys. This high-quality chest with its classic American styling can protect your valuables while being a beautiful focal point in any room’s décor. Now is your opportunity to own a true heirloom that is sure to be treasured for years to come.

These chests utilizes Gerstner quality tongue and groove construction which provides strength, durability and visual appeal. Each part is meticulously hand fitted for the most exacting fit possible. Hardwoods naturally retain some moisture and can expand and contract slightly with seasonal temperatures – the Gerstner craftsmen have taken this into consideration and all parts are fitted accordingly to allow for this natural occurrence while taking into account regional and seasonal differences that may affect this process as well.

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