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❈ Classic Hardware: Bosetti Marella

The hardware of the Bosetti-Marella Classic Hardware line is well known around the world for its detailed designs, rich colors and superior quality. Bosetti Marella has done an exhaustive study into the design and style of European furniture and furniture hardware, dating back to the early 1600's. Through this study suites of period correct hardware reproductions were developed.
These furniture and cabinet hardware pieces are true in size, style and finish to the originals, proudly manufactured in Italy to museum quality standards. From the 1600's through the 20th Century, Bosetti Marella captures such styles as Chippendale, Louis XV, Veneto, Regency, Art Deco and many more. Throughout the world, custom furniture craftsmen, restorers and fine cabinet makers seek out and trust the Bosetti Marella name when practicing their craft.
Bosetti Marella specializes in elegant, decorative cabinet hardware, door accessories and decorative and functional hooks to name a few. Providing unique and classical European designs, these products are the perfect complement to any home decor. Included in the collection of cabinet knobs and pulls is an incredible selection ranging from decorative to classic styles.
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