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Brusso® Solid Brass Hardware

Precision Hardware - Only premium quality materials, such as stainless steel hinge pins, balls and springs, are used. Each piece is designed with the box maker or cabinet maker in mind with traditional styling and elegant lines for easy installation.

Brusso Solid Brass Chain CarouselBrusso Solid Brass Chain Carousel

The MC-510 brass spinning hook with six radial arms mounts on the upper surface of a cabinet's interior. The base is pressure fit and glued into place. The overall diameter is 1-5/8" and projects 1-1/8". The mounting dowel is 3/8" in diameter ...


Brusso Solid Brass Quadrant HingeBrusso Solid Brass Quadrant Hinge

Combines hinging action and lid support. Excellent for all small-box applications. Hinge measures 1'' x 1'' x 1-1/4'' overall. Requires an additional 1-1/4'' deep mortise for the support arm.


Brusso® Precision Box HingesBrusso Large Box Hinges

Features rectangular knuckles which stop the lid in a vertical position so it won't drop back. Hinge pins are precision ground tool steel, with pin boxes that are first drilled, then reamed, for smooth fit and operation. Each measures: 1-1/4" L x 5/8" W (pair)


Brusso® Butt HingesBrusso Butt Hinges

Beautifully crafted hinges, precision milled from heavy brass stock with stainless steel pins. Available in four sizes, with and without finials These full mortise hinges are intended for use on boxes and small cabinets ...


Brusso® Mortised Box Lid SupportBrusso Mortised Box Lid Support

This finely crafted support is mortised into the side of your box with no interference with the interior space. Clean sides allow for perfect fitting trays. Solid brass. Mortise is approximately 1/4" W x 2-7/8" L x 1/2" D ...


Brusso® Jewelry Box FeetBrusso Jewelry Box Feet

The finishing touch on a finely crafted box. Install by gluing feet into a 5/16" diameter hole, 1/4" deep. Feet measure 9/16" total height, exposed foot height 3/8". Solid brass ...


Brusso® Precision Knife HingesSolid Brass Precision Knife Small-Box Hinges

Hinges disconnect for easy installation. Precision knife hinges are made of solid, polished brass. Perfect for all small-box applications. Measures 1-3/8" Long x 5/16" W. Straight style is for overlay doors. Price per pair.


Brusso® Brass Bullet CatchesBrusso Brass Bullet Catches

Milled from solid brass with stainless steel ball. Two sizes: 7/16" Diameter, Medium Duty and 1/4" Diameter, Light Duty. Sold individually ...


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